Knaw's vignettes

A LiveJournal refugee posting short self-made videos on no particular theme, all in high definition and with transcripts where possible.

Willing to contribute to video projects.
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Open sesame. (Original video)


"I recently began a subscription to GQ magazine and as a welcome gift, they give you a house-brick. Ha-ha, well not quite, but let’s see what’s inside it.

"Now, you can’t see it in shot just now but on the front, the Post Office - for some reason - have written, ‘S-N-L,’ on the front, twenty-sixth of January.

"Now, that of course stands for Saturday Night Live and I don’t know if they’re psychic or if they’ve been rifling through the mail, however as you know, Saturday night is LIVE FROM NEW YORK.

"Carry on."

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