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Do you remember?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how late you are, but what you do to catch up.


"Hello. Do you remember me? I used to make updates here. Well, I’m back, at least for this video, I can’t promise there’ll be any more in the future. However, it’s just to say that I haven’t forgotten about the place and I… I really want to bring you more videos, if I have the time.

"Carry on."

Should a toilet roll? No, but a tin can.


"We have an arrangement; the first one in the house has to cook the tea.

"Now, as I was getting prepared tonight, I thought, ‘Does anyone have the same problem I do?’ Now, these tr… so-called traditional tin openers are very difficult to use, I find. They’re very fiddly, you’ve got to get them right on the edge and, er, turn that thing rou… I just find it very difficult, and in fact we have an electric one which I find near-impossible to use.

"However, I can open a can - so to speak - if I use this one. It’s a plastic one, opens up like that, goes over the top, you put them together, turn it and the lid opens; I find that much easier than this metal contraption that goes at the side.

"So, just wondering if anyone out there in Tumblr Land has a similar problem?

"Although it’s not going to be affecting me too much tonight, as we’re not having baked beans.

"Carry on."

Ringtones through the ages.

A history of phone sounds from 1973 to 2013. There is no speech, so no transcription.

Carry on.

Nandon’t, part two.

Continued from last video.


"And I was encouraged to have what amounted to basically a burger on a roll, with no trimmings, and a tiny bowl of beans beside it, which cost over a tenner, so the profit margin on that must’ve been massive, and I’m sure it’s a big enough profit margin to… actually pay people to put the cutlery on the table for you.

"So, er, that’s the second and only time I’ve been there. I thought I might change my mind the next time. I didn’t, and I’m not going to be back to Nando’s.

"So it’s a real shame because I do love the food, it’s the rest of it that I just can’t stand.

"Carry on."

Nandon’t, part one.

I’ve had this video sitting on my computer for three months. It was within the file size and time limits of Flickr, yet it continually refused to upload. I’ve now cut it in half. This is part one, and you can see the rest in the next video.


"I’ll tell you one eating place I have a bit of a problem with: Nando’s. Now, very popular place, and I do like the food there.

"However, it’s the faffing about that gets me. You have to sit down, note your table number, go up to the counter, pay for it before you’ve even eaten. In a restaurant, no. I can accept that in McDonald’s, KFC, what have you - a takeaway place - but not in a restaurant.

"And not only that, you have to go and get your own cutlery and your own napkins on the way back."

See next video for the rest.

Austerity grass: more cuts.

So once again, it’s the time of year where the lawn grows out of control. This was me giving it the once-over on Sunday. There is no speech, so no transcription, but the background music is Sash! with Ecuador.

Carry on.

Hello again.


"This is a short note to say that I’m still around but I haven’t really had time to make these videos.

"However, as soon as I find time, you’ll be seeing a few more of them.

"Carry on."

Just the way you are.

Most of the time, computer errors are a plain nuisance. In this case, I was unable to access my editing software. However, it provided the inspiration for a video.


"Normally when I make these videos, I edit them so you don’t see me turning the camera on and off, and sometimes for time constraints.

"However, today I decided I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to record it and upload as-is.

"Carry on."

The Diet Coke advert: a parody.

This video is very much what’s in the title. There is no speech, so no transcription, but the distinctive background music is Etta James’ I Just Want To Make Love To You.

Carry on.

Fly guy.

I’m disappointed to report that Tumblr has gone back to making it awkward to put the caption next to a video hosted at Flickr.


“I wonder if you out there in video-land can help me? You see, I think I’ve misunderstood, right.

“You see, my pal wanted a, ‘wingman,’ so – sure enough – turned up at the bar dressed as a flight lieutenant. Where’d I go wrong?

“Carry on.”

Act your age, not your shoe size.

For days, I’ve been trying to upload a video that’s within Flickr’s size and length limits, but keep seeing an error message.

This second video demonstrates how I feel about this. There is no speech, so no transcription, but be sure to duck.

Carry on.

Labels are for clothes, not people.

Last week, I moaned about commented on the lack of a captioning feature in the new video post screen. I’m pleased to report that this error has now been fixed.

So onto today’s post, where I do a little live captioning of my own. There is no music nor speech, just a brief whirr from a machine.

Carry on.


The camera moves in and out of focus during this video. I switched it to both automatic and manual mode, but neither method solved the problem. However, it’s the sound that’s important.


"If you watch Emmerdale, you know the theme tune is a little bit dull. Have a listen.
"See, nothing really to get excited about. However, our hard disc recorder has a very special function that changes all that. It makes it into a dance remix. Have a listen.
"See? Much funkier.
"Carry on."

(Source: Flickr / knaw_says)

Bog standard.


"I used to work for a toilet roll manufacturer in London, but I got sacked for taking the tube home.

"Carry on."

Taking back Monday.

Invariably, the dustmen will leave our bin such a distance up the street that it’s almost out of town. That’s why I’ve had to speed up this video.

There is no speech but the background music is Dire Straits’ So Far Away.

Carry on.

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