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Taking back Monday.

Invariably, the dustmen will leave our bin such a distance up the street that it’s almost out of town. That’s why I’ve had to speed up this video.

There is no speech but the background music is Dire Straits’ So Far Away.

Carry on.

Monday night is bin night.

It was my turn to put out the rubbish last night, so I did so, to the sound of Fedde Le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up. There is no speech, so no transcription.

Carry on.

Bring it all back.

After taking out the bin last week, it’s now time to bring it in again. The music is still Lonnie Donegan’sMy Old Man’s a Dustman, but the next verse.

Carry on.

It’s rubbish outside.

It’s time again to put the bins out. There’s no speech but the background music is Lonnie Donegan’s My Old Man’s a Dustman.

Carry on.

Original video 2011-01-25: Gone with the bins.

Monday night is bin night and I forgot one of the bags, so here is me rectifying the error. There is no speech so no transcription. The music is Just Jack with Writer’s Block, a track that I was hitherto unaware was in my collection.

Carry on.

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