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Original video 2011-02-26: The final ten percent.

Well after I made the video, Sarah pointed out to me that it was not her gran’s birthday but her anniversary. However, it was too late to reshoot it. Here’s what went down.


"Sarah and I are staying at the Erskine Bridge Hotel overnight. We’re here in Bishopton to celebrate her gran’s birthday.

Now, I always quite like staying in hotels, it’s a bit of a novelty, but did you know that they add ten percent on to every bill to cover thefts and breakages so I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to make use of that.’

"Trouble is tho’, however much I try it, I just - excuse me - however much I try it, I just can’t make it all fit into my suitcase. I mean, take these particularly fluffy thick towels for instance. I put them in, no matter which way they go and I simply… I simply can’t get the case shut.

"So, I need my ten percent. Maybe I should bring a bigger bag next time.

"Carry on."

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