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You’ve been framed.


"I saw a YouTube clip of a three-year-old girl who’s pretty good at scaling door frames. As I was watching, I thought, ‘It can’t be that hard to do,’ so let’s have a go.

"So, hands up here, one foot there and… ah, it’s okay, I’ll get it in a minute. One hand there, other and foot…

"Maybe if I try the other foot first, okay, three, two, one… ah-yah.

"Okay, fine. I’d better stop now or I’ll lose my invalidity.*

"Carry on."

* Invalidity used to be a type of sickness benefit.

Talking heads.


"How come a talking pineapple’s funny when Noel Fielding does it, but not when I do?

"Carry on."

Original video 2011-03-03: Mashup: Jedward sings My Lovely Horse from Father Ted.

Hands up who doesn’t like Jedward’s 2011 Eurovision entry? Keep your hands up if you prefer Ted and Dougall’s entry from Father Ted.

In a break from my usual video blog style, I’ve mashed together the two to make Jedward sing My Lovely Horse. There is no speech, so no transcription.

This video is also available on YouTube.

Carry on.

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