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Happy birthday to @MacLoudMusic.

To combat the rising price of stamps, I’ve sent you this video message instead.


"Baby, baby, baby, oh. Like, baby, baby, baby, oh, oh. Hi Heather, have… have a top birthday no matter what you get up to. Next time you’re in Glasgow, we… we must meet up, it’s been, er, it’s been too long.

"And in the meantime, I’ll listen out for you in the album charts with that brand-new album you’re writing. Isn’t that right? Thought so.

"Tell you what, whatever happens, it’ll be a lot better than some of the acts that are in there at the moment.

"Carry on."

Original video 2011-01-27: Who the bleep is Alison?

I officially know a pop star, or at least a folk star, who’s about to hit the charts with a single called Alison. Mind you, I refer you to Louis Armstrong who observed, “All music is folk music, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” Further details and Web links in the transcription:

"In the bottom of my drawer, I keep an empty bottle of Guinness. Not just any bottle, but one that Heather Macleod and I drank on our very last student radio broadcast, on the air but in moderation, before you say anything. And this is the very bottle you see, it’s got her signature on it and down at the bottom, it’s got the date as well.

"So why am I pulling out the bottle? Well, Heather has only just got herself famous, more famous than she already was, anyway. She’s releasing a single with the Sisters of Fate and Maggie’s Farm, and it’s in aid of the Capuchin Day Centre. I hope I pronounce that right, but if you’re in Dublin I’m sure… I’m sure you know where I mean.

"And considering it was was mixed in one day and recorded in a day as well, no less, it’s quite good. You can download it from iTunes from 99 cents - that’s Euro cents not the dollar kind - but if you want to hear it from me, you’re not getting to.

"Carry on."

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