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Ray of light.

In one of the few oases of sunshine we’ve had this July, I sat outside in the back garden for a while.

There is no speech or music, just the sounds of the outdoors.

Carry on.

Requiem for a lawn.

I finally got around to mowing the grass last week.

There is no transcription or music, just a lot of quick cuts.

Carry on.

A video postcard. (Original video)

Saturday 7 January was the first sunny day that we’d had in Dundee for several weeks. Inspired by the old Pathé travelogues, I brought out my camcorder to capture the moment.

There is no speech or music, just the sounds that you hear from my back garden.

Carry on.

Original video 2011-05-28: And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.


"It’s now approximately ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. I’m sat in the back garden.

"Now don’t be fooled by the illusion of sun behind me because there’s actually a few grey clouds over there threatening to rain on our collective parade but in any case, I’ll probably be spending most of the day indoors, either at the gym or doing a bit of ironing.

"Saturday for me is really a catch-up day. It’s a chance to do things I didn’t do during the week. This weekend is also a bank holiday but I think it’s going to be quite relaxing because last weekend was fairly busy. We were all over the place and as Natasha Bedingfield once said, ‘The rest is still unwritten.’

"Carry on, and don’t tell anyone that I quoted Natasha Bedingfield. Please. Thanks."

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