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Feeling cross.


"I’ve just been to a yoga class, and… yes, it was fun but I’m, er, I’m now stuck in this position.

"So, if you could come rou-, if you know me, could you please come round and help me un-, aargh, unhook, ‘cause I’m not going to manage myself.

"Carry on."

The paperwork.

Good news. I’ve just renewed my premium Flickr account so I can guarantee videos for another year. Bad news, I’m leaking.


"Over the last few days, I’ve been getting these nosebleeds, fairly light but quite annoying, and I’ve been having to ram tissues up there to try and stop them.

"So if in Tumblr-land, you have any home remedies, you can let me know at the bottom of this post.

"Carry on."

Any ideas?

One unread message displaying yet inbox is empty.

When I go to my blog page (, the menu on the right persistently shows Messages - 1, yet when I click on the button or the envelope icon at the top, there are none to read.

Is there a second inbox somewhere that I should be checking? How do I get rid of this phantom message?

Carry on.

EDIT: Thanks for all of the answers. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one, and I’m working on getting rid of the Phantom Message.

What say you?

New Year’s Eve music help required. (Original video, recorded 2011-12-15)


"[Gavin] I’ll be pre-recording a New Year’s Eve show for hospital radio and I need your help. What sort of songs do you expect to hear at a New Year’s Eve party? Apart from this one, of course…"

"[Dougie McLean, Auld Lang Syne] Should auld acquaintance…”

"[Gavin] … because I’ve already got that one covered, but what sort of other pop songs, nothing too obscure please, what sort of pop music, erm, would you expect to hear at a New Year’s Eve party.

"So you can get in touch with me, er, you can either leave a comment or get in touch with me by any other method. Er, I want to get the playlist together as soon as possible so don’t delay.

"Happy… er I mean, carry on."

Any ideas?

Original video 2011-09-21: Part 1: can you fix a 1980s computer?

I own a BBC Microsystem from circa 1981 and it was working until this week. The request for help is in the second video, but here’s a little background.


"I feel like Clive Sinclair doing this.

"Well, kids. This is what computers used to look like, big beige boxes with imposing red buttons on them. I brought this out after an online discussion yesterday with the intention of hooking it up to the TV, tapping a few things in and filming it as I went along and posting a video blog.

"But as I was setting up, I knocked the unit slightly and the power cable started making a slight fizzing sound that I didn’t really like. So I turned it off, unplugged it and you can still ac…, yeah you can still actually faintly smell burnt components back there."

An appeal for help in the next video.

Original video 2011-09-21: Part 2: can you fix a 1980s computer?

In the previous entry, I introduced my BBC Microsystem from circa 1981 which broke this week. Now, I’m appealing for help to fix it.


"Now, it’s a real shame because this was working perfectly, altho’ I admit it hasn’t been kept under the best conditions.

"So at the risk of sounding like a charity appeal, if you can fix this type of computer or if you know someone who can, then please can you get in touch?

"You can leave a comment under this entry or if you know me on, like, Facebook, Twitter, just send me a message on there because I really don’t want to see this…, you know, this piece of equipment actually worked, you know, it’s got the tape deck as well and I’d love to see it in action again.

"So please, if you can help, get in touch and we’ll get this baby sorted.

"Carry on."

Back to first video.

I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.

On several recent video posts, the heart symbol appears with, “[Number] notes,” beside it. I used to be able to click this link and find out who had Liked it and who had Reblogged it, but clicking on these only shows, “Knaw posted this,” with no other activity listed.

One entry supposedly has eight Notes but I’m unable to see who has done what, and I never receive e-mails from Tumblr despite selecting this option. So how do you find out who is leaving these Notes?

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