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Put your hands up for #ScriptFrenzy.


"I have two laptop computers. I’ve got my posh one behind me that never leaves the house, it’s all pristine and clean, and I have Hawking. It’s all cracked and in some places damaged, and against all the odds, it keeps going. It’s just brilliant. And it’s on this one that I’m writing Script Frenzy.

"Now, that’s a competition in April to write a hundred-page script and there’s no prize, it’s just for your own general satisfaction, but I write it on this one because I don’t mind taking this one out of the house to meet up with people.

"So, er, a few days in, this is what I’ve got, I’ll read you a little excerpt: ‘Act one, scene one. It’s a dark and stormy night.’

"Okay, well that’s as far as I’ve got with that one, but it’s coming on, isn’t it?

"Carry on."

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