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Silence is golden.

I’m unlikely to make many posts this month due to NaNoWriMo, but here’s a video of me hard at work.

I haven’t a clue what the music is, but I’ll give out the Web link on request. There is no speech, so no transcription.

Not Force.


"One of my goals this year was to read 26 books. Now, I’m way behind on it because I took so long over the first book.

"I thought I’d have another go at Tom Clancy’s Net Force. Now, as you can see, I’m not that far into it.

"The main reason is that I’m having… trouble reading it, it suffers from, what I’m terming, ‘Dan-Brown-itis,’ for want of a better term.

"Whenever a character appears, instead of them just getting on with whyever they’re there, erm, you get a whole back-story as, you know, where they’ve come from and what training they’ve had.

"And any piece of technology it, you know, it can’t just be used, no it has to have an explanation of how it works and why it’s there and how brilliant it is.

"I will persist because this is the first Tom Clancy that I’ve read, but if it goes on like that, I don’t think I’m going to be reading a second of his.

"Carry on."


I’ve repeated myself a couple of times without realising it, but at least I haven’t missed anything out.


"I know that a lot of people out there in blog-land like to do NaNoWriMo every November, but I’m wondering, does anyone here do Script Frenzy?

"This’ll be the first time that I’ve entered it. It’s a competition during April, it’s like NaNo but you write a hundred-page script during the month of April.

"So if you are one of those, I’ll be doing it for the first time but I have a Google+ circle and you can join me on there, or Twitter, the links are in the transcription.

"Carry on."

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