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Let’s go shooldering. (Original video, recorded 2011-12-07)


"I think after such crazes as planking and horsemanning, it’s about time we came up with something new.

"Well, I propose shooldering. A shoe on your shoulder then you snap a picture and post it to your preferred social network. Shooldering.

"So share it, reblog it, let’s get this whole thing moving.

"Carry on."

(Source: Flickr / knaw_says)

Original video 2011-06-01: Put your feet up.

The permissions issue continues with Flickr, but I aim to have my videos back before very long.

Here’s one to watch in the meantime, and I’m serious when I tell you not to try it at home. The soundtrack is Simon & Garfunkel’s classic Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Carry on.

Original video 2010-05-17: Lady Gav Gav tries planking.


"Hi, this is Lady Gav Gav. I’ve been reading about this craze of planking on the Internet. Now apparently, it’s really dangerous but I don’t really see it myself, unless of course you poke your eye out with the end of it, but it seems a perfectly safe activity to me.

"Carry on you little weirdos."

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