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The camera moves in and out of focus during this video. I switched it to both automatic and manual mode, but neither method solved the problem. However, it’s the sound that’s important.


"If you watch Emmerdale, you know the theme tune is a little bit dull. Have a listen.
"See, nothing really to get excited about. However, our hard disc recorder has a very special function that changes all that. It makes it into a dance remix. Have a listen.
"See? Much funkier.
"Carry on."

(Source: Flickr / knaw_says)

Hair we go.

I eventually shaved off my facial hair. I did get a couple of compliments, both from older women, but it was getting too itchy and warm, and it seems to have partially cleared up my rash.

In reality, it took around thirty minutes, but here is the process in thirty seconds to the theme from Countdown.

Carry on.

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