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The week ends.

"Okay everyone, have a top weekend, and remember: friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

"Carry on."

Happy birthday to @MacLoudMusic.

To combat the rising price of stamps, I’ve sent you this video message instead.


"Baby, baby, baby, oh. Like, baby, baby, baby, oh, oh. Hi Heather, have… have a top birthday no matter what you get up to. Next time you’re in Glasgow, we… we must meet up, it’s been, er, it’s been too long.

"And in the meantime, I’ll listen out for you in the album charts with that brand-new album you’re writing. Isn’t that right? Thought so.

"Tell you what, whatever happens, it’ll be a lot better than some of the acts that are in there at the moment.

"Carry on."

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